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Erit & Dalom S. A. de C.V.

We substitute solvents through organic products by providing training, user manuals and visual aids in order to make all staff aware of the benefits of using organic products derived from orange as substitutes for solvents, such as acids, chlorines, caustic sosa, etc; having as main goal the care of your health and the environment.


Understand the demands of customers, the market and give them personalized solutions of excellence in terms of cleaning; maintaining quality service above all, generating profitability to guarantee the development of people, technology and the market, always respecting the principle: win = win.


To be a highly recognized and competitive company model with a solid structure and with the capacity in infrastructure to provide solutions to cleaning problems; That our brands and products are present every day with pleasure in the industry; Being a point of reference for customers and suppliers.


Respecting the dignity of people, valuing diverse cultures, not being satisfied with the results achieved, concentrating on what is essential, eliminating waste, and working while respecting the environment. Passion for service and focus on the consumer customer. Innovation and Creativity. Quality and productivity. Respect, integral development and Personal excellence. Honesty, integrity and austerity.

Supply cleaning chemical products to the industrial market with the required characteristics and specifications, committed to the sales channel and the consumer, and as far as possible to exceed their expectations; reflecting the commitment of each person that makes up the company's organization. Setting the following objectives: